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You are doing very well so far……………..but it gets more difficult now !

Keep your answers until we resume Zoom. Try to do this with your family and don’t help other Scouts please by private messaging them.

  1. Calculate 100 minus Radio Lancashire frequency in East Lancashire
  2. Find and take a photo of a wooden or plastic door key and post on Group WhatsApp when advised to do so.
  3. How many sides has a regulation football ?
  4. Who was injured with a kebab stick during a recent activity ?
  5. What is the weight of 3 standard sized eggs (approximately) ?
  6. What is a bench mark and where would you find one ?
  7. Name the Scout Groups in Darwen District
  8. What is the Ging Gang Goolie.
  9. What is current news about the writer of Ging Gang Goolie
  10. Using all the letters, what word can you make from DARWEN that describes a job position at a Scout Campsite
  11. aðdráttur núna (Google Translate)